Construction of Kambanite Residential Park begins

The construction of the gated residential complex “Kambanite Residential Park” at the skirts of Vitosha Mountain will start soon. The first part of the project will be located on 40,000 square meters, of which 4 000 square meters forest, next to а river and riparian park deployed at 3 500 square meters.

The realization of the project has been entrusted to the construction company „Komfort“, which has been designing, building and investing in Bulgaria since 1997. The company’s portfolio includes famous key buildings that have proven their quality over time.

The buildings of Shopping center “Mall Paradise”, “Mother’s Home”, and other shopping centers in Sofia and Varna, hotels on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, business buildings, residential ones with office parts and cinema centers are just a part of the portfolio of “Komfort”.

There are a number of awards and prizes in the history of the company. Among them are four certificates for different types of construction, three certificates and six diplomas from the competition “Golden Plumb” in the period 2009-2013.

As the main goal of „Kambanite Residential Park“ project is to offer young and active people, as well as families with children, a safe, clean and comfortable family living environment, it relies on proven names in the construction industry.

Structure of „Kambanite Residential Park“

The gated complex will consist of three types of buildings – row houses, detached houses with separate yards and compact blocks with apartments. In order to ensure the excellent living environment that they will offer to the residents of “Kambanite Residential Park” the investors choose a builder who is certified for the construction of public works infrastructure and environmental protection.

This is the reason why the residents of the complex have access to a natural pine forest, which will cover 20% of the “Kambanite Residential Park”, as well as the complex borders on the west with a river and river park and on the north and east – with a forest.

The natural environment such as forest and river are an exceptional advantage for the young families with children and active young people who are nature lovers. The location of the complex offers breathtaking views of the favorites of the citizens of Sofia Vitosha and Stara Planina – as well as to the whole of Sofia.

On the territory of the complex will be located playgrounds, which in the large residential areas of the capital are too few, shopping center, sports fields, barbecue area, dog park, running alley with a length of 2.5 km, rope park and an outdoor gym.

“Kambanite Residential Park” will be located in a place that has quick, easy and convenient access to the Ring Road of the capital, to Business Park Sofia, where a large percentage of young people work, as well as to metro stations and public transport, which is well developed around Business park.

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