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Who are we?

Behind the implementation of the project is company “Goldhurst Real Estate”. For more than 15 years on the international market, the company has managed to implement over 10 projects in the field of real estates. The main focus of our activity is to offer modern and functional housing solutions for those of you who value the high quality of life and are looking for green and affordable housing solutions near the city.

What do we offer you?


Kambanite Residential Park is a new generation residential complex, giving the modern city man proximity to nature. The location of the complex has been chosen so as not to deprive residents of their proximity to the city in the performance of their business affairs and/or entertainment options. Its remoteness from the industrial zones and boulevards of the city, as well as the nearby forest, give you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful climate, incredibly clean air and silence.


Buy the home of your dreams – everything in the Kambanite Residential Park is thought out to the smallest detail. The apartments will be made of high quality materials to ensure the highest level of reliability. The overall concept of the complex complies with the highest requirements to ensure a safe, peaceful and harmonious life for the whole family.


The greenery of the complex, along with many amenities, including various children’s areas, playgrounds, shopping center, BBQ areas and more, provide an opportunity to relax for the whole family. Here you get everything you need to live a quiet and peaceful life that does not deprive you of proximity to the city. Enjoy fun with the many amenities of the complex and rest assured of safety with the 24-hour security provided throughout the residential complex.


Eliezer Egosi

Executive director

    Petko Lozanov

    Project director

      Gergana Deneva

      Legal department director

        Yordan Yordanov

        Financial Consultant

          Sophia Bayrakova

          Attorney at Law | Legal Manager

            Magdalina Pishmanova

            Financial Manager

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