Preferential terms for mortgage loans in Kambanite Residential Park

DSK Bank is investing in the latest high-class residential project – Kambanite Residential Park, and will finance the overall construction of the projects. The bank gives the clients of the residential complex the possibility of using preferential terms for mortgage loans when buying real estate in it.

DSK bank believes in the project and the development of the region, supporting the investment in a peaceful family and residential environment in the skirts of Vitosha mountain. At a time of overbuilding of the capital and constantly rising of real estate prices, this is more than an excellent opportunity for young families.

The gated complex is next to the “Kambanite” park and offers apartments, row and detached houses with a separate yard, which are close to the capital and nature at the same time. These are also some of the most preferred properties by young people with children lately.

One of the biggest advantages of the residential complex is the close proximity to a forest and a river, which are also the boundaries of the Kambanite Residential Park. Also, 10% of its territory is occupied by forest. The location of the complex also offers breathtaking views of the Balkan Mountains, Vitosha Mountain and the capital.

According to the projects on the territory of the Kambanite Residential Park will be provided enough children playgrounds, sports fields and a barbecue area. In addition, the complex will have 24-hour security. The first part of the project includes 40,000 square meters, where an outdoor gym, a running alley over 2 km long and a dog park will be available.

Among the advantages for the young families in the residential complex is the proximity to the Business Park Sofia and the Sofia Ring Road. This allows quick access to key locations in Sofia by using public transport, including subway or car. Thus, a peaceful living environment close to nature will be provided and at the same time the amenities of the capital will be “at your fingertips”.

Anyone who chooses a home in Kambanite Residential Park can be assured of the quality of the construction. The construction company, which has signed a contract for the building of the complex, has over 20 years of proven experience in the industry.

Residents of the closed complex can find everything necessary for a healthy and peaceful living – clean air and environment, security for home and family, convenient access to forest, river and big city, playgrounds, outdoor fitness and sports fields. In the Kambanite Residential Park, young families will find all the necessary sites they need every day.

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